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Vitaly Maksimenko


Vitaliy Maksimenko was born in 1976 in Moscow. Since childhood, Vitaliy has been interesting to various types of creativity, including drawing. However, he did not receive a specialized art education due to various circumstances. After completion of school, Vitaly entered a legal university and then worked in the police. After leaving the police in 2001, he worked as a lawyer and engaged in drawing as a hobby.

From 2011 to 2014, Vitaliy mastered such creative areas as the manufacture of dolls from polymer materials and airbrushing of small forms (home decoration, gadgets). In spring 2014, he appealed to Olga Morozova's studio "Talent" in order to gain skills in creating sketches and outline sketches for airbrushing. After a few lessons, Vitaly submerged in magic of graphic arts, converting the ordinary sheet of paper in the independent world complete depths and lives. Very soon, he decided on his specialization and came to grips with animalism.

At the beginning of 2016, at the suggestion of his teacher, Vitaly tried his hand at painting, which changed his attitude to art. Until mid-2017, he practiced in a new direction for himself under the guidance of his teacher, Olga Morozova. From that moment to the present, he has been working diligently on his technique, trying to find his own style.

In the same period, he began participate in group exhibitions and various competitions, where he periodically won prizes up to the first. By the summer of 2018, Vitaliy concluded that it was necessary to take stock of the initial period of his creative biography, which led to his first solo exhibition entitled “Neighbors on the Planet”. Exhibitions in which Vitaly participated, you can see on the menu tab "Exhibitions".

Currently, Vitaliy Maksimenko is a member of the Creative Union of Professional Artists and the International Art Fund, continues his exhibition activities and devotes time every day to create new works.

Vitaly's paintings are in private collections, Bulgakov Museum, in the collection of the magazine "Russian Gallery XXI Century", and in other organizations. The artist’s works were devoted to articles in the magazines “Young Artist” (No. 7 for 2019) and “Russian Gallery XXI Century” (No. 5 for 2019). These publications you can found on the menu tab "Publications" (the PDF).

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