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Purchase conditions

Sale of pictures
Terms of purchase of works presented on the site.

1. What works are presented on the site.
The site presents drawings and paintings created by me.  Some of the works were created based on photographs or works by other authors, laid out in the public domain on the Internet.  However, these works are not copies, as they contain various changes, including techniques and materials.  I do not make copies of my own works.  If you liked the painting, which is privately owned, then you can order a similar work, as similar as possible to your favorite, but not being a full copy of it.  A full description of each picture, including the name, size, technique, year of creation and so on, is on the description page, which can be accessed via links from galleries with the author’s works.

2. Terms of purchase.
You can buy any work that is presented on the site if the page with its description does not contain information about her being in a private collection (including museums and galleries) or in the author’s personal collection.  In addition, you can order work based on those presented on the site (the timing and cost in this case can be discussed by contacting me).  The prices indicated on the website are inclusive of all taxes, but excluding the cost of shipping to the buyer, as well as other payments (customs duties and fees, insurance premiums, etc.).  Additional payments are calculated upon the fact of the order, based on its conditions and agreed between the buyer and the author, and then included in the general account.

3. Payment procedure.
After selecting a picture and agreeing on a price, you pay for it in any way convenient for you, from those indicated on the Bank Details page.  After payment, you must send me an e-mail confirmation document.  As soon as the money arrives at the current account, I will send the work you purchased to your address within 1-2 days (depending on the time the money was received).  If you live in Moscow or the Moscow region, you can pay in cash at a personal meeting (with the simultaneous transfer of the acquired painting to you).

4. Sending paintings to the buyer.
If you live in Moscow or the Moscow region, I’m ready to give you a picture when I receive money (when paying by cashless funds) or directly when transferring cash.  The meeting time is negotiated separately by phone or email.  If you live in other regions of Russia, then after receiving non-cash funds, within 1-2 days from the moment they are credited to my current account (bank card account), I send the picture to your address by any means of postal or courier communication (delivery),  which is negotiated with you in advance through correspondence.  All expenses, including (at your request) any insurance and other additional expenses (declared value, shipping by class 1, etc.) are paid at your expense based on preliminary calculation.  If you live outside of Russia, then, in addition to the cost of the painting and postage, you pay the cost of obtaining permission to export the artwork, as well as other duties and fees established by the relevant authorities of Russia and the country of destination.  I carry out registration of an export permit only after receiving payment of the painting and the fee for this registration.  As in all other cases, I send you a picture after receiving all payments to my bank account (bank card account).

5. Refund.
If you decide to refuse to purchase a painting, but have already paid for its cost, immediately write me an email or contact me in another accessible way.  All money paid by you will be returned to you, with the exception of bank commissions.  When the picture is actually sent to you, money (excluding postage) will be sent to the buyer after the work is returned back to the author.

6. Documentation.
The publication of a picture on this site is a public offer, the transaction is considered completed from the moment you pay for the work you have chosen and send it to your address.  The terms of payment and delivery of the painting to the buyer are accepted in the form in which they are indicated on this page and are final.  The price may change in case of appropriate agreement between the author and the buyer (confirmed by correspondence).  After paying for the selected work, I will send you the picture and the author's passport to the work of art, indicating your name as the owner of the picture.  If necessary, I can draw up and send you the appropriate license agreement.  After signing the contract, you scan or photograph the page with the signature and send it to me by email.

If you have any questions, you can contact using the "Contacts" page.

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